This post is continuing the previous outlook addin post ( 1. To create a custom mini icon on the left of the context menu, add the following to MyRibbon.cs. 2. Then, add the image ¬†resources to the project as an embedded resources. 3. Modify the button definition in Explorer.xml to include the icon: Bonus Tip […]

We already have a bug tracking app in our company that automatically create bug in TFS when user report a bug. Unfortunately, some user still stubbornly use email to report all their bugs. We have been trying to politely ask them to reply to their emails and ask them to use the app instead but […]

I got this error when I had the server head folder (TFSServer\DefaultCollection) mapped to C:\ in Visual Studio and then tried to map RedGate SQL Source Control. I think this error is thrown because RedGate SQL Source Control was trying to create different workspace in C:\ folder. 1. Remove mapping from the head folder (TFSServer\DefaultCollection) […]

1. Change:   To: 2. Remove WebMatrix.dll and WebMatrixData.dll from your web project. 3. Remove¬†InitializeSimpleMembershipAttribute.cs from the Filter folder.  

Uploading multiple files is a common task in web programming. HTML 4/5 provides us with the “multiple” attribute to do this in HTML 4/5. Unfortunately, this functionality is not supported in IE. Eventhough IE is a terrible, horrible browser, it is still being used by a big portion of customer, particularly the public sector. Besides, […]

1. Open the project solution by clicking right and choosing “Edit x.csproj”. 2. Find and change to

1. Open Command Line Prompt 2. Type the following (replace C:\gactemp to the destination folder, replace GAC_MSIL to GAC_32, GAC_64 or leave it alone as necessary) :