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WFFM required field (For disclaimer / T&C) that support custom error message in sitecore checkbox (MVC Edition)

Requirement: Stop user from submitting WFFM form when the checkbox field in the form is marked as required. Add the ability to change the “required” error message (ie: this field is required is not particularly user friendly when it comes to T&C). Tested in: WFFM Version: Web Forms for Marketers 2.4 rev. 151103 Sitecore Version: […]

Renaming Anti Forgery Token Cookie Name (__RequestVerificationToken) in ASP .NET MVC

We had an issue that only occurs in Internet Explorer. The site in our subdomain was throwing error user navigate from our main domain ( to our subdomain ( but not when user navigate to subdomain straight away without ever visiting our main domain.  After extensive investigation, we found out that IE decided to pass over […]

Using SQL Service 2008 Service Broker for Integration Project Using C# .NET – Step by Step “Hello World” Guide

We had to create a service broker notification service for our integration project a few months back. It was quite hard to find something that actually has an end to end solution to showcase the capability of service broker. So, months after the project, I decided to create a mini Hello World level tutorial to […]

Just In Time Debugger (JIT) Error When Debugging Silverlight in Visual Studio Causing White Screen Of Death

Silverlight have a nasty habit of calling just in time debugger (JIT) when its throwing unhandled exception. This will; in turn; throw the infamous white screen of death when you close the VS’s JIT window. It’s really REALLY annoying. I’ve tried disabling script debugging in IE and JIT in VS to no avail. I found […]

Adding A Custom Icon to Outlook AddIn’s Context Menu Using C#

This post is continuing the previous outlook addin post ( 1. To create a custom mini icon on the left of the context menu, add the following to MyRibbon.cs. 2. Then, add the image  resources to the project as an embedded resources. 3. Modify the button definition in Explorer.xml to include the icon: Bonus Tip […]

Creating Outlook 2010 AddIn With C#

We already have a bug tracking app in our company that automatically create bug in TFS when user report a bug. Unfortunately, some user still stubbornly use email to report all their bugs. We have been trying to politely ask them to reply to their emails and ask them to use the app instead but […]

Fixing “The path XXX is already mapped in workspace YYY.” Error When Mapping RedGate SQL Source Control To TFS Folder

I got this error when I had the server head folder (TFSServer\DefaultCollection) mapped to C:\ in Visual Studio and then tried to map RedGate SQL Source Control. I think this error is thrown because RedGate SQL Source Control was trying to create different workspace in C:\ folder. 1. Remove mapping from the head folder (TFSServer\DefaultCollection) […]