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How to turn off Sitecore Publishing Service in Sitecore 8.2

Sitecore Publishing Service is the new sitecore 8.2’s publisher. It’s more efficient and comes with it’s own publishing dashboard. More information can be found in: There are times however that you might want to go back to the classic publishing service. Here’s the step by step instruction on how to do this: 1. Locate […]

WFFM required field (For disclaimer / T&C) that support custom error message in sitecore checkbox (MVC Edition)

Requirement: Stop user from submitting WFFM form when the checkbox field in the form is marked as required. Add the ability to change the “required” error message (ie: this field is required is not particularly user friendly when it comes to T&C). Tested in: WFFM Version: Web Forms for Marketers 2.4 rev. 151103 Sitecore Version: […]

Renaming Anti Forgery Token Cookie Name (__RequestVerificationToken) in ASP .NET MVC

We had an issue that only occurs in Internet Explorer. The site in our subdomain was throwing error user navigate from our main domain ( to our subdomain ( but not when user navigate to subdomain straight away without ever visiting our main domain.  After extensive investigation, we found out that IE decided to pass over […]

Using SQL Service 2008 Service Broker for Integration Project Using C# .NET – Step by Step “Hello World” Guide

We had to create a service broker notification service for our integration project a few months back. It was quite hard to find something that actually has an end to end solution to showcase the capability of service broker. So, months after the project, I decided to create a mini Hello World level tutorial to […]

Aggregate multiple values in a column into one column using SQL

Data: A     banana A     apple A     guava B      banana B      apple A      pear To aggregate multiple column into one column, we can use the new(ish) with() statement: The resulting value for this statements is: B     apple,banana A     apple,banana,guava,pear

Handling “column ‘_id’ does not exist” Error When Using CursorAdaptor

1. Check whether the primary key in your table is called “_id”.  Android’s CursorAdaptor will always try to look for “_id” column even when the primary key name is explicitly changed/defined in create table statement listed in the sqllite3 manual ( see row ids and primary key). The easiest way to get rid of this error […]

Eclipse For Visual Studio Addict

I love Visual Studio. I think it’s one product that Microsoft actually done right. Unfortunately, I can’t use Visual Studio to develop an Android application so I’m stuck with Eclipse. Here’s a collection of question I’ve asked/things that make me said “I miss my VS” when developing in Android. This list hopefully will be updated […]