Eclipse For Visual Studio Addict

I love Visual Studio. I think it’s one product that Microsoft actually done right. Unfortunately, I can’t use Visual Studio to develop an Android application so I’m stuck with Eclipse.

Here’s a collection of question I’ve asked/things that make me said “I miss my VS” when developing in Android. This list hopefully will be updated when I found more annoyance with Eclipse 🙂

I copy pasted a code from the net and it’s missing all the import statement! Help! I miss resharper…. 😦

This is probably where Eclipse actually shines againts Visual Studio. The importing command is built in the Eclipse. You’ll only have to press CTRL-SHIFT-O while focusing on the statement that is missing references and VOILA, Eclipse will add the import statement for you. Take that Resharper!

I’ve made a breakpoint…now what?

In order to see your breakpoint in action, you will have to switch to the “Debug Perspective” in Eclipse (Window-Open Perspective-Debug). Eclipse will actually ask you to open this perspective when it detect breakpoint in your code. Personally, I think it’s stupid to have two perspectives though.

If you’re using eclipse for android development, always make sure that you chose to debug the project (F11) instead of just running the project (Ctrl+F11) and spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out the reason code is not breaking on the breakpoint (personal experience). 


Where’s my immediate window?

Go to Window-Show View-Expression. You will have to be in debug mode to do this.



How about searching for a string in the project?

Ctrl-H is your friend.


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