Just In Time Debugger (JIT) Error When Debugging Silverlight in Visual Studio Causing White Screen Of Death

Silverlight have a nasty habit of calling just in time debugger (JIT) when its throwing unhandled exception. This will; in turn; throw the infamous white screen of death when you close the VS’s JIT window. It’s really REALLY annoying. I’ve tried disabling script debugging in IE and JIT in VS to no avail.

I found that the only way to disable this behavior is by catching all unhandled exception in App.xaml.cs as follow:

  public App()

            this.UnhandledException += new EventHandler<ApplicationUnhandledExceptionEventArgs>(App_UnhandledException);

  void App_UnhandledException(object sender, ApplicationUnhandledExceptionEventArgs e)
            e.Handled = true;

EXTRA TIP: Go to Debug-Exception in Visual Stuidio and tick Thrown in CLR exception for even more thorough debugging.


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