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Concatenate String in SQL

To concatenate string to a variable: To concatenate string in your sql statement: Advertisements

Setting Up Automatic TV/Movies Download – Usenet Edition

I like watching series (by ‘like’ I mean-I probably spent at least 1-2 hours per day watching series). I recently start using usenet instead of rapidshare/megaupload (late to the party I know!). I’m currently using astraweb. I like astraweb as you can buy blocks from them and they seems to be pretty reliable/fast. I also […]

Search for A Text/String In Any Stored Procedures using SQL Server

It’s really easy to find table dependencies using SQL Server Management Studio but there is really no “search for procedure text” in SQL Server.  We recently had to search for this kind of ‘dependencies’ since some of the stored procedures that we have had the table’s value hard coded in the stored proc (bad programmer! […]

Migrating Visual Studio plugin setup project (.vdproj) to wix – Step by Step Approach

Microsoft decided to remove .vdproj in Visual Studio 2012 (ah…Microsoft -.-). The installation project for one of our visual studio plugins is the casualty of this decision. Hence, I was assigned the task to find/export the current .vdproj into an alternative source. So I decided to give Wix a go. Wix itself is not so […]

Creating a Silverlight/RIA TFS Build using Visual Studio

1. Do NOT use Visual Studio 2012. Use Visual Studio 2010 instead. Visual studio 2012 won’t let you configure the build template. Adding projects to build in “Items to build” At process section will bombs up with “Property value is invalid” message. Changing the “Configurations to build” will throws up an “Unable to cast object […]